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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2007 edited
    Some days ago I've known that The Misfits have cancelled me from the friends list... I have sent another request, and sent an email for ask why, and I've known that I've been cancelled!! Another my friend has this problem (
    I've post a bulletin and many people told me that if I and TalRasha have mentioned or supported Michale Graves, Doyle or Glenn, we are immediately cancelled from the Misfist's friend list.
    This thing is real??? anybody has the same problem???
    I'm angry!!! If the reason for cancelled me from the list was been only if I support Michale...fuck!, it's crazy!!!!

    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2007
    it's their loss - anyone that acts like that, you don't want to be a fan of theirs anyways.
    who should do it and have so much time to delet all the people of the misfits myspace site!? Nobody!
    Maybe Jerry
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2007
    I think it's crazy...maybe Jerry is jealous of Mike???

    misfitsfiend89, It's not a problem of mine...I've known a lot of  people that have this shitty and stupid problem....

    I'll get even with Jerry 
    Get him for me too
    just dont tell him
    that foool could eff me up

    I have Michale, Gorgeous Frankenstien and Chud on my friends list. The Misfits™ have never cut me.

    i was deleted because of other

    Me too!!!  Jerry Only is a fucking cunt.  The ressurected Misfits was never about the "Misfits", it was all about Jerry, and Jerry "ONLY"  Pun Intended.



    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2007 edited
    rottencorpsicle the Misfits have cut me because I've shown my support to Michale with many and many bulletins....first of all they have begun with deny all my comments and then they have cancelled me and blocked me...!!!
    If you don't have shown any support to Michale, of course that you're not cut off.

    Damn!!! Jerry is 48 years old, and is he so stupid???
    • CommentAuthordevilette
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2007
    Hey FFF, nevermind - i mean did you take a look @ the Misfits "brandnew 30th anniverscary" site ?!
    It took me a few min. to realize that Michale isn´t even mentioned - wether in the Bio nor in the
    picture section - wasted time and somehow sad too in a certain way - Mr.O should talk about
    that with his psychotherapist. I started listening to the FIts years ago because of Michale and
    definitely not because of "fascinating" Jerry.
    Id say be happy - your support for Michale has been noticed - congratulations :)
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2007
    I think the only members that the misfits site mentions now, is the current line-up and the 78 line up and doyle - no one else. Pretty lame in my book. I'm deleting them from my profile now actually.
    Know what i think thats bullshit
    i think the 95 lineup was great too
    the 95 lineup was the best!
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2007
    ooook! This is fucking the official site Michale there isn't. NEVER!!! And it seems that the Misfits are and was been only Jerry Only....that man is crazy....anyway I don't like the new line up and I think that Jerry at the vocals sucks...
    yeah thats true. No words about Michale or Chud are on the site.  J. is a big sucker,! I hope that Michale Graves and Gorgeous Frankenstein tours over the world and then they are more famous than the Jerry Only (Misfits) Band!!!
    When it comes to this, Jerry want to get Doyle and Michale back, 100%!!! Or he dies......
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2007
    This really just goes to show how much thought he's putting into the band. Misfits are where they're at because of such a strong history, and now Jerry has wiped that out. If he really wanted to keep the Misfits successful, he would have embraced the history (no matter the bad blood) and kept the credibility of the band. He's really shooting himself in the foot over this.

    He's really screwing over the fans on this one.
    Its bullshit, I used to have the misfits as my fiend on myspace, the only reason i dont is because i deleted them, graves was on there way before they were also. good luck solving your problem
    He`s the biggest asshole that i ever know, a nightmare which never ends! i would love to see or read a interview whats Michale`s opinion to this is. And some videos on the site are so bad, his voice sounds really like shit. Sometimes i thougt that he didn`t know the lyrics of "Don`t Open `til Doomsday" (Video with Balzac)!  Kick his ass!

    Don't talk about Jerry like that...he'll slap a lawsuit on you so fast!  Two thumbs down on the website.  Half the information is wrong anyway in the "Fiend Facts".  Jerry's a tool.


    Yeah ive been a misfits fan 4 years and was down on mike for awhile cause i didnt know why he and chud left. but it all makes sense now. when your own brother leaves a band he helped star that tells you something. and im also starting to think it wasnt all glenns fault either. i bought that 50's cd the day it came out needless to say i returned it the same day. i havent bought any of that new crap. and unless jerry stays home and doyle, mike and chud come back ill listen to the misfits highest moment famous monster til then.


    • CommentAuthorcuwele
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2007
    One of the most ironic things is that he(Jerry) won't mention Michale or his contribution to the band, but he"ll brag about the success of there 2 videos off of American Psycho  -  "American Psycho & Dig Up Her Bones" - which were of coarse songs written by Michale.

    So, does ANYONE on here still like Jerry "Mo the Great" Only???  If so, why???  I know some people just never give up on him, but c'mon, after reading all this can you actually support him?? 



    Draining the Infection

    • CommentAuthorShawn
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2007

    I still have both em in my top I doubt it's a purge of Graves fans from the Fit's myspace....see for yourself...


    BUUUUUT, if you leave a comment on the misfits page saying, BRING BACK MICHALE DOYLE AND CHUD!!!!  you'll get deleted.  They don't care if you like michale, as long as you don't talk about it.


    Stirring is the scent of seduction


    "Misfits" have deleted me a few times.

    It always happens after I talk about Michale, or leave a comment on the Misfits page, abusing them (Jerry), and asking for someone else to do Vokkills.

    Only is a Facist. He wants everyone to think what he thinks, and all past history to be altered. Think Adolf Hitler.
    • CommentAuthorjrock07
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2007

    Jerry does suck. Think about it. There was no new Misfits tunes after 83 until Michale joined the band and then they released two kick ass albums. Michale leaves and from 2001 - 2007 hw  managed to record under Graves, Gotham RD, and 2 solo albums. What has Jerry done since Famous Monsters ...nothing except for a cover album which was not very good. Michale wins.

    How bout this? Misfits reform with Michale, Doyle, & Dr Chud. It would never happen but they can find a bassist anywhere better than Jerry.


    • CommentAuthorKaneRobot
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2007

    Why the hell would you WANT to be on the Misfits "friends list?"  That band isn't the Misfits, it's Jerry Only marketing lunchboxes and shoes to little kids and doing horrible renditions of 40 year old songs. It's a joke.

    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2007
    any idea who really runs the page?
    Maybe Joe Doria???
    He is or was Art director of Souls Ablaze/Misfitis Merchandising back in 1998.
    you know what?
     I read this then thought to myself ima delete them,
    and when i went to my friends list to find them they had already deleted me!!
    god lol.......

    so id like to say thanks misfits for doin it for me
    :cough: assholes :cough:
    • CommentAuthorSpud
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2007

    My old band got cut off from the Misfits friend list - shortly after we were announced to be opening for Michale Graves in london....hmmmmm!?

    We did write in our Bulletin that we "are psyched to be playing with the guy who put the life back into the misfits"

    Suddenly - we were gone. The show was cancelled anyway, we were gutted.

    We met Jerry & asked him about it & he went absolutley mental & reffered to us as "kids" & we "dunno what punk is about"

    Sorry "money maker", flogging a dead horse!!!

    Jerry's a sod!

    i would love it if Misfits reformed with michale, I saw them a bunch of times with him & they were awesome!

    my dad played with mike at concerts
    • CommentAuthorGhost-Dog
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2007
    No problems with me ... I have them all my friends ...
    ... I have them all in my top friends in this order: Misfits - 7th House - Devilman138 - Michale Graves
    I also have Gorgeous Frankenstein and two "Glenn Danzig's" profiles (like fan places) in my top. Also, I have some pics of Glenn as who I'd like to meet.
    And they never did anything... Also, doubt that Jerry himself would stop and look all bulletins and messages.
    • CommentAuthorp_juggalo
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2007
    i do think jerry is jelous of michale, he has put out much more music since leaving the misfits then jerry has.
    • CommentAuthorGhost-Dog
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2007
    Actually it would be nice to hear the truth about what ever happened between Michale & Jerry - why friends became enemies?! Specially because I just love them both - it´s sad they aren´t together anymore.
    theres a hole lot of opinions but i dought any of them are true
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2007
    there are INTERVIEWS where michale talks about some research.
    • CommentAuthorGhost-Dog
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2007
    do some research. ''' Have done and found something, if you have good links, please, share them! Thanks.
    • CommentAuthorbluefear
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2007
    Michale did a very informative interview with Pivotal shortly after PunkRockisDead came out. He talked about the Misfits days and getting paid $2000 for his work on Famous Monsters. I can't find that interview now. I think the website changed and they took the interview down, tho. It's too bad.

    in a music video ive seen michale  says the jerry only actually thinks you suck he just tells you that your awsome then sang desending angel  mocking jerry i for one as a fiend would like to know what happened between them

    Refer to the post on here titled Michale Graves after year 2000.  There you will find Michales statement from when his Misfits "Career" ended.
    • CommentAuthorI am 138
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    Not only does Jerry Only suck but his hair line is WAAAAAAAAAAY the fuck back there has anyone noticed that?!?!?!?
    If Jerry was smart, he'd be sure to add the Graves Era into the band's bio. It is, after all, when the band learned how to play their instruments instead of just pounding the crap out of them. The best parts of the Resurrected Misfits are as follows:
    1) Michale Graves on vocals
    2) Dr. Chud on drums
    3) Doyle on guitar

    This thread is ages old but that line about Jerry's receding hair about made me cough up my sandwich, thank you. Dear god.
    • CommentAuthorvegeta
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    I would have so much more respect for that clown jerry if he would just change the damn name of the band! Hes just dragging the misfits name and legacy right thru the mud. Now we have to look forward to 4 or 5 minute long ballads on this new album!? Thats not the misfits i know. And i know this pisses people off around here but it really aggravates me when i come to graves page and theres more threads about jerry and his soon to be garbage album than michale himself. But thats just me on my highhorse according to some people here
    • CommentAuthorKISS
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    It was like 6 years ago when he said the album was coming out that fall. He has said that throughout the years probably 5 times. I would be VERY surprised if the album actually came out next month.
    • CommentAuthorp_juggalo
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    I think the only thing that makes it seem like it might actually be out soon is that he announced the name. I don't remember him doing that prior to this and land of the dead. But I still think it'll get pushed to January. Maybe December since he'd make more cuz of Christmas.
    im still curious about the whole new album